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Article 32 Investigation & Hearing

Van Ackeren, P.S., represents members of all branches of the military facing the military criminal law process anywhere in the world. As a member of the military, you are subject to the legal process outlined in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). You have the right to retain your own lawyer to advise and represent you throughout the process. Contact our office in Tacoma, Washington to speak with Article 32 attorney Cheryl Van Ackeren by phone at 253 442-6700.


The military designed the Article 32 investigation to protect service members from baseless charges. The Article 32 investigation begins when your service branch, whether Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine-Corps, or Coast Guard, appoints an impartial investigating officer to determine whether reasonable grounds exist to believe:


  • An offense occurred and you committed the offense,

  • Whether the charges against you are in proper form, and 

  • Whether a general court-martial is the appropriate level of disposition for your case.


At the Article 32 hearing, Trial Counsel (prosecution) will present their evidence to the Investigating Officer. Trial Counsel may call witnesses or produce documents. At the conclusion, the investigating officer will decide whether they believe your case should proceed to court-martial, be dismissed, or proceed to a special court martial or summary court martial. After receiving the recommendation, the convening authority will decide if the case proceeds or not. If chosen, the case can proceed to general court-martial within five days.


For more information please read our guide on the court-martial process and see why an article 32 lawyer can help mitigate damage to your career and life.

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