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Board for Correction of Military Records (BCMR)

Former and current service members can petition the Boards for Correction of Military Records to correct errors, remove injustices from their military service records, or request an upgrade from a punitive discharge. With the current military client, many service members and veterans are faced with erroneous or unjust outcomes from their military service. The board of corrections can correct injustices, to include, correcting an OER or NCOER, removing a nonjudicial punishment under Article 15, removing a Board of Inquiry or Administrative Separation proceeding, reinstating rank, changing military disability rating, adjusting retirement information, and much more. Time is of the essence to correct errors in your military record, contact us to day for a review of your case and to retain the experienced help you need to prepare your packet before the board of corrections for military records (BCMR). You only get one chance to go before the board, make sure you prepare the best case possible for the board.

Don’t leave your board of corrections case to chance. The procedure for each board varies depending on the branch. Van Ackeren, P.S. has experience petitioning the different Boards for Corrections of Military Recordsand has successfully helped service members receive restoration of rank, set aside erroneous nonjudicial punishment, change a reenlistment code and request a discharge upgrade.

After service members finish their service in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard, their military records can have a significant impact on their future veteran benefits, employment opportunities, eligibility for a security clearance, and college tuition. The Board for Correction of Military Records can correct almost any military error or injustice that occurred during your service. Some of the most requested appeals for relief include discharge upgrades from the Discharge Review Board (DRB), Article 15 appeal (Non-judicial punishment, GOMOR, or Captain’s Mast), requesting retirement, or a change of RE code for reenlistment. If you want to upgrade an Other Than Honorable (OTH) discharge or remove a negative evaluations in your personnel file there is a good chance petitioning the BCMR can correct that. Although each branch of the military has it’s own board of corrections, the process to appeal the board is essentially the same and you need your military lawyer to be knowledgeable about the procedure.

The BCMR receives numerous applications in a year and you only get one opportunity to correct your records before the Board of Corrections. Despite only having one opportunity to fix their record most appeals are submitted without consulting a board of corrections lawyer. The Boards have very strict and unique regulations; there is case law that petitioners must know before requesting relief from the board. The advice and guidance of a board of corrections lawyer is not only an important aspect for a service member, but also a necessity in order to adequately defend your case. For more information about the Board of Corrections or Discharge Review Board and what can be done in your case contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Whether you are an active duty member, veteran, or reservist of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, or National Guard.

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BCMR Lawyer for Worldwide Representation
Van Ackeren, P.S. handles petitions before the Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR), the Board of Corrections for Naval Records (BCNR), the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records (AFBCMR), and the Coast Guard Board for Correction of Military Records (CGBCMR) both nationwide and worldwide for veterans, active duty service members, surviving spouses, or next of kin. We represent soldiers, airmen, sailors, and coasties stationed at Fort Bragg, Fort Drum, Fort Stewart, Fort Hood, Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), Ft. Campbell, Fort Benning, Ft Bliss, Camp Pendleton, Camp LeJune, Schofield Barracks, Norfolk Naval Station, Fort Sam Houston, Iraq, Quantico, Japan, Germany, Afghanistan, or South Korea; veterans living in New York, Alaska, Washington, D.C., Chicago, San Diego, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, St. Louis, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Columbus, Hawaii, Boston, Denver or any other location in the United States.
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