Nonjudicial Punishment

Nonjudicial Punishment Attorney (NJP) – Article 15 Lawyer

Why retain Article 15 Lawyer?

If you’re facing a nonjudicial punishment (NJP) you need to know your rights because an Article 15 can affect your ability to stay in the military. With the military downsizing and administratively separating thousands of service members, you need to keep your record clean. Any Article 15, Officer Hours, Captain’s Mast, or General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR) can affect your ability to re-enlist or can serve as a basis for Administrative Separation. Nonjudicial punishment has a strict deadline, therefore, you need to consult with a nonjudicial punishment attorney before your second reading.

Van Ackeren, P.S. can help you consider:

  • Weighing the facts of your case, should you turn down nonjudicial punishment and elect trial by court-martial?

  • What happens if you elect trial by court-martial?

  • What could happen if your case goes to court-martial?

  • If you decide to continue with the nonjudicial punishment, what evidence can you present that would best assist your case?

Have Any Questions? Let's Talk

If you have already gone before your commander and received an Article 15, Van Ackeren, P.S. has the nonjudicial punishment lawyer that can help appeal your NJP and help make a statement on your behalf. Attorney Cheryl Van Ackeren has experience handling Article 15s, nonjudicial punishments, GOMORs, Officer’s Hours, or Captian’s Mast cases and can help mitigate or reverse any further damage to your career. Contact our offices at 253 442-6700 to schedule your initial consultation.

Article 15 Lawyer & Nonjudicial Punishment Attorney for Worldwide Representation

 Van Ackeren, P.S. represents clients in Article 15 & Nonjudicial punishments nationwide and worldwide for all branches of the military, whether you’re a soldier, airmen, sailor, or coastie. We stand ready to defend you before the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard at any location such as Fort Campbell, Camp LeJune, Schofield Barracks, Fort Drum, Fort Stewart, Fort Hood, Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), Ft. Bragg, Fort Benning, Ft Bliss, Camp Pendleton, Norfolk Naval Station, Fort Sam Houston, Iraq, Quantico, Japan, Germany, Afghanistan, or South Korea; whether you live in New York, Hawaii, Washington, D.C., Boston, San Diego, Salt Lake, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Alaska, Seattle, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Columbus, Denver or anywhere else.

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