Security Clearance

Security Clearance Denial

While there are several reasons the government may deny an applicant’s security clearance, the four main reasons are the applicant has a criminal conviction with a sentence over one year of imprisonment, unlawful use of a controlled substance, mental incompetence, and a dishonorable discharge from the military. In some situations, the security clearance denial is capricious, arbitrary, or contrary to the law. In these situations, the government’s denial may be based on sexual preference or past behaviors, race, or political views. Due to the discretion given to the government when deciding security clearance cases, an unjust denial of security clearance can occur. Regardless of the reason for denial, Cheryl Van Ackeren has the experience you need as a security clearance lawyer and stands ready to review your case and assist you with your next steps. When you receive your denial letter, the government gives you a statement of reasons for denial and information on how to appeal the decision. If you feel the reason for denial is inaccurate or misleading, Van Ackeren, P.S. stand ready to help you conduct an investigation and help assure your legal interests remain protected. By conducting an investigation after your denial, Van Ackeren, P.S. can determine what factors contributed to your denial and determine how to build a strong appeal against your denial. Further, the information gathered from the investigation can help Van Ackeren, P.S. gather evidence that may help correct or clarify the situation.

Security Clearance Application

The best way to protect yourself from an unjust security clearance denial is to retain a lawyer before applying for your security clearance. When applying for your security clearance, integrity is everything. No matter how big or small, the government must believe you can be trusted. During the application processes, questions are often misunderstood and Van Ackeren, P.S. stands ready to assist you through the complex application process and advise you on how to handle any issues that may arise. When reviewing national security clearance applications, the government will err on the side of denial. This means that if the government is unsure of whether to grant your security clearance, the government will deny your application. If you have an indiscretion in your past, Van Ackeren, P.S. can help you mitigate the situation. Under some circumstances, the government will grant waivers for meritorious cases with mitigating factors. When deciding whether to grant the waiver, the government considers your age at the time of the offense, the number and nature of offenses, the time that has passed since offense, and a current clean record. Retaining counsel with experience handling security clerances in your case early on will increase your success of approval.

Security Clearance Appeal

If your security clearance was denied or revoked, a security clearance appeal may be appropriate. Many people who qualify to receive a security clearance may need to initiate an appeal because of the government’s policy of erring on the side of denial when uncertain. While the opportunity for an appeal exists, the process differs from other types of appeals, such as criminal or civil appeals. The security clearance appeal process is stricter and less forgiving than other types of appeals, the government has more power, and petitioners may face difficulty accessing the information upon which the denial was based. When faced with an appeal, Van Ackeren, P.S. stands ready to guide you through the unique appeal process and will help develop a strong case for granting your security clearance.

Security Clearance Lawyer for Worldwide Representation

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